We are actively investigating oilfield service companies that do not pay overtime. This includes companies that pay a day rate and no overtime, companies who pay straight time only, and companies that mislabel employees as 1099s.

What are these Investigations about?

Although many oilfield service companies do pay overtime, several do not. Workers in the oilfield service industry are almost always owed overtime due to the nature of their work. If you work in the energy sector, perform mostly manual labor, and you are paid a day rate or straight time you may have a claim for unpaid overtime.

Several companies, try to avoid paying overtime to their workers by mislabeling them as independent contractors. Even if you fill out a 1099 form you may still qualify as an employee under the law and be owed overtime. Courts look beyond the 1099 title to see if a worker is truly in business for themselves. If your employing company has told you that you are a 1099 and yet you do not set your own schedule, you must wear the company’s uniform, or you cannot negotiate the pay, you may have been misclassified.

Who is eligible for these Investigations?

Anyone who worked in the energy sector and was not paid overtime may join our active investigations. We have multiple investigations into several different companies. If you worked in the energy sector performing mostly manual labor and you were not paid overtime fill out this form so we can investigate for you.

Can I be fired for joining or starting an investigation?

The law prohibits Employers, or their agents, from firing, harassing, discriminating, or retaliating against an employee for taking part in an investigation or a case for back wages. Your information will not be discussed with any individual or company outside our office during the investigation.

Will this cost me anything?

You will not pay anything to join an investigation. If an investigation becomes an active case it will be handled on a contingency fee basis. Our firm will only be paid if we win the case and recover your back wages. Our payment will come out of the recovery amount.

What happens once an Investigation concludes?

We will contact everyone once a company-specific investigation concludes and inform them of our findings. If we believe a wage violation has occurred we will move to file a case on behalf of everyone who is eligible for recovery and joined the investigation by signing a consent form.