Insurance Denial of Coverage

  • Insurance Claim Denied – Insurance companies routinely wrongfully deny coverage to their insured customers. These tactics vary and include delaying claims with needless wait times, “fraud investigations”, denying claims because the damage does not exceed the deductible, “waiting periods” or outright denial or a claim. Insurers use these tactics to wrongfully deny coverage to an insured so that the insurer does not have to pay money out for a valid claim.
  • How We Help – Filing an insurance claim is a complicated process that can bury you in paperwork. Insurers will have you jump through every hoop they can come up with in an attempt to get you to simply drop the claim. You do not have to face them alone. The attorneys at Anderson Alexander are experienced in dealing with insurance company tactics and will work tirelessly to recover from the insurer for a wrongfully denied claim. If you have submitted a claim for insurance and been denied, then contact our attorneys immediately and let us take on the insurance company for you and get you the money your premiums purchased and that you deserve.